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Common Damages in Nursing Home Abuse Claims

  • The decision to put a loved one in a nursing home is not an easy one, but you made that decision because you believed it was the best decision for your elderly family member. You expected your family member to be cared for and treated with respect. It likely never even crossed your mind that someone would abuse an elderly adult.

    Unfortunately, abuse does occur in nursing homes. If your loved one has suffered within the nursing home setting, you have options for getting them justice.

    Filing a Nursing Home Abuse Claim in Illinois

    Upon hearing that your loved one was abused, you will naturally want justice for what they’ve been through. There is no way to take back the abuse your family member suffered, but you can file an abuse claim against those responsible.

    Filing a claim can serve multiple functions:

    • You can get justice for your family member.
    • You can prevent others from being abused in the same manner or at the same facility.
    • You can hold accountable all those who were responsible for the abuse.
    • You can receive monetary compensation to pay for the losses your loved one has faced.

    Damages Common in Nursing Home Abuse Cases

    You and your loved one have probably sustained damages as a result of this incident, including the following:

    • Your loved one may have required medical treatment and that will have cost you money.
    • They could be in need of mental health services for the trauma they’ve experienced.
    • They could be dealing with anxiety, physical pain, and a loss of their quality of life.

    These damages can be compensated when you win a nursing home abuse claim.

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