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Outsourcing Lease abstraction aids in better compliance managem

  • Compliance management is a process whichensures that a set of people are following a given set of rules. These rules are generally termed as the compliance standard or compliance benchmark. The compliance management may take many forms including procedures, documentation, a mix of policies, security controls, third party audits, technological enforcements, and security controls.

    Models for Compliance Management

    There are two widely used Compliance management models: -

    • The Ten Commandments
      • This model sets forth the rules and punishes those who don't comply with them. There is almost no help for transgressions and this model is largely inflexible. It suffers from a significant breakdown when there is room for interpretation. It works well when there is less variance regarding compliance.
    • Quality Management
      • This method allows judgment calls to be made in most of the cases, even though the regulations are not in favor. It is generally believed that every rule may not be followed in every circumstance and thus, exceptions must be allowed so that the business operates as best it can while following most of the rules as possible.

    The model of Quality Management is widely adopted over the Ten Commandments due to the flexibility of the former. It enables companies,that have multiple standards to follow, with some flexibility in adopting those standards by ensuring that the judgment calls are not ultimately in detriment of the company’s interest. These judgment calls may be done by the company itself or by an LPO.

    Outsourcing Lease Abstraction

    Lease Abstraction Services are outsourced to assist a company in a property deal. Lease Abstraction Companies are very beneficial when it comes to preparing the Lease Abstract as:

    • With high expertise, they provide proper guidance during a deal.
    • Provides round the clock assistance.
    • Minimizes the chance of an error.
    • Reduce the time needed for drafting the Lease Abstract.

    Benefits of Outsourcing Lease Abstraction in Compliance Management

    The LPO gives a critical advantage in Compliance Management, where a service provider may work on relevant Financial Accounting Standards,Board Reports and disclosures on a monthly basis.

    • The experienced lease accountants of a Lease Abstraction Company audits and validates the reports cautiously.
    • Access to this expertise in an LPO supports in management and adhering to relevant financial reporting requirements as per the business needs.
    • The most important aspect of hiring a Lease Abstraction Company is the assurance of proper governance of the process. It eliminates the risk of non-compliance and cost overruns.
    • Round the clock service from a Lease Abstraction Company enablesthe organization in preventing the violation of the rules and minute errors in the deal.



    Role of SKJ Juris

    Lease Abstraction providersbridge the gap between the compliance standards and their acceptance. And hiring them brings profits which outweighs the cost it takes.

    SKJ Juris is among the best Lease Abstraction Company in the world, which appreciates the compliance standards of the partner organizations. At SKJ Juris, the highly qualified experts provide a transparent service within the time limit by maintaining the quality of the service. We have built our great portfolio in the field of LPO and we arewidely renowned for our high-class expertise, efficient and effective methodology at an affordable price. We deliver lease abstraction services by understanding the basic purpose of outsourcing services, that is offering them at controllable costs.By offering world-class lease abstraction services, ourlease abstraction company pays meticulous attention to the client requirements and provide services that meet and exceed the requirements of the clients.